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Please read

Maximum guest allowed inside – 80 

1 – No groups larger than 6 people per table. It is recommended that only people from the same household sit together. If the group is larger than 6, they must sit at multiple tables and Can NOT move the tables together.

2 – The table and menus have been sanitized prior to your arrival. Look at menu and make selection.

3- Place order at the Bar. Remember to maintain social distancing between each guest waiting in line. Look for tape and arrows on floor to help.

4- You will be given a number for your order. Your drinks and food will be dropped off at a table for you to pick up. Do not go to pick up your order until your number is called.

5- Leave your dishes and refuse on the table when you are done and the staff will be by to clear it and sanitize it for the next guest

Please note

-condiments will be provided with the meal order and individually packaged

-coffee, tea and water will be self serve in designated areas. Please follow posted directions and practice distancing

-A sanitation area is set up for you the customer with hand sanitizer and disinfect wipes. At any time feel free to use this station to help promote safe and sanitary dining environment.